Friday, December 18, 2009

NBA Lookalikes = Fun

I have an addiction. Some could argue that I am obsessed with NBA trade rumors, sometimes liking them even more than the game itself, but that isn't it. I could have an addiction like gambling (well...I do plan on taking a look at some nba basketball betting lines over the holidays...perhaps doing some online sports book wagering too...) but nay.

My addiction is celebrity lookalikes.

Coming across this on Youtube, I couldn't help but giggle and watch it roughly 50 times. Enjoy.


Sports Chump said...

I always felt in "NBA: The Movie" Jim Carrey would play Rick Carlisle, Gene Hackman would play Rick Adelman and Jack Nicholson would play George Karl, if only he could set aside his Laker allegiance.

Oh yeah, and Michael Douglas would obviously play Pat Riley.

Mavic said...

If that's your addiction, check our my second entry on