Saturday, December 13, 2008

Cheeks And Balances...Awful Title Pun To Say Mo Has Been Fired

Our favorite pornstar-named coach Mo Cheeks just got the can by the 76ers. The Sixers are currently 9-14 after having a fantastic surprise season last year. After starting out 7-6, the team has lost 8 of their last 10 and Andre Iguodala has openly questioned the team's heart in conversations with reporters.  When you get that whole "heart" thing from one of your star players, you might as well just pack up your stuff and start hitting on your secretary with the big cans, because you are outta there.

While I never really had strong feelings about Cheeks as a coach, I have to go back to that cringe-worthy moment when he helped that girl finish the national anthem and say that he seems like a nice guy.  You can kill off hookers left and right and set fire to orphanages, but as long as you help girls finish the anthem you are aces in my book.

This is the fourth NBA head coach let go this season, which officially makes it an epidemic.  I am tossing my name into the fold as a head coaching option for the teams out there.  My coaching style is like Mike Singletary, but with wayyyyyyy more mooning.

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