Wednesday, May 6, 2009

There Must Have Been A Spider There

Good Samaritan, Rafer Alston must have noticed a deadly black widow on the back of Eddie House's head tonight immediately after House drained a three in his grill.

If you don't remember, Alston was brought in mid-season by the Magic to fill in for Jameer Nelson who was lost for the year. From Houston, Rafer has brought along his dead-eye shooting (6-22 this series, 0-6 from three) and lock-down defense (Rajon Rondo is averaging a triple-double). Unless Stu Jackson thinks its OK for players to just smack people upside their head we'll be looking at an Orlando team in Game 3 with Anthony Johnson starting at the point and Tyronn Lue coming off the bench.

I'm sorry, but I just threw up in my mouth writing that. I'm done.


Black and Blue Jor said...

That was a hard game to watch. There was no effort anywhere. I wonder at what point people will start noticing that Howard was in fact replaced by a cardboard cutout (I apologize to cardboard cutouts who may have been offended. Surely you move your ass more than Howard has).

Toasterhands said...

I love the title.

Anonymous said...

I can not stand Eddie house. The way he reacts when he gets a shot in. I feel sorry for his wife and her sex life.