Thursday, October 2, 2008

Kevin Love Weight Watch: He Be Fat Again

Kevin Love, the Oprah of weight fluctuation, is in the hunt for a personal you smell potential reality tv show gold here as much as I do?

Yes, Love has gained an undisclosed amount of weight, which usually means something horrific. No one has a problem with admitting someone gained 15 yeah it has to be above that. I have to also say that it's always a good sign when:

A) Kevin McHale acquires you. This almost certainly means you suck.


B) You need to hire a chef to keep your weight down, despite the fact that it is your JOB to EXCERCISE and you spend around 10-15 hours a day in the weight room and doing intense cardio.

This leads me to one conclusion: Kevin Love either has a bad glandular problem (in which case he has my sympathies) or is eating scoops of cookie dough on alternating minutes in the day in a bizarre "power hour" display. The real truth is probably much grimmer, with him injecting gravy into his veins like Motley Crue.

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