Monday, February 9, 2009

I Would Have Preferred A Cloud

Today the Oklahoma City Thunder announced the concept behind their team's mascot, much to the interest of meteorologists everywhere. Those same weathermen are in the process of writing some very angrily-worded letters, because the Thunder are going with a bison mascot. Yes, that's right...a bison.

I'm not really certain how the animal and the weather forecast have anything to do with each other, but perhaps it is already part of the team management slowly backtracking their steps on that whole "naming our team after a nonthreatening sound associated with rain" thing. When it comes time to pick a logo and a mascot, the team has to stare at their hands and realize that only lightning would be a visible representation of thunder and that would be misleading. I'm not sure if an equally nonthreatening animal that spends its day chewing grass and defecating in fields is the proper way to overcompensate, but hey that's just me. Congrats Oklahom-ians!

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