Monday, February 2, 2009

Off Topic Again: That Is One Long Play

You want your NBA news for the day? Jameer Nelson just dislocated his shoulder. There you go! Now onto something more pressing:

After giggling hysterically for 5 minutes I realized I had to share this with you. According to, during the Super Bowl yesterday the residents of Tuscon, AZ were subjected to of sorts. When Larry Fitzgerald had that amazing run to the end zone to take the lead for the Cardinals, the broadcast was interrupted by a porn clip lasting about 30 seconds. Yes, I am serious. This is what it looked like. Honestly, we need more broadcasts like this:

This is the last Super Bowl related post for the year, I promise, unless more hysterical porn is somehow unearthed. I hope this post made the world a little bit of a better place.


Tuvia said...

I heard about that this morning on the radio. How funny! I hear they are giving everyone $10 back for this month. Free porn and $10, I am not seeing the issue here haha

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