Monday, February 23, 2009

Superman, Krypto-Nate, and Russell "Aquaman" Westbrook

I couldn't think of a fitting superhero name for Russell Westbrook, so "Aquaman" was there for the taking. A "brook" is a stream of water after all...yeah, screw it...I know it's a stretch.

Anyhoo, everyone is talking about my boy Dwight's INSANE 75 foot pre-game shot, which is all the more crazy because it looks like he just flicks it off of his wrist half-heartedly.

Those who aren't talking about Howard are marvelling at Nate Robinson's alley-oop dunk in which he gets about 20 feet off of the floor on his wee little flea legs.

Well, I submit this play into the mix. In the game against the Warriors, Russell Westbrook goes Ron Jeremy by tag-teaming the poor defender in the middle of an off-the-glass-alley-oop-dunk. That's FIVE hyphens, kids!

This collection of videos brought to you by God, in order to remind you to be humble. -Also brought to you by steroids, in case you don't want to be humble.

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