Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Looking More And More Like A Lakers-Celtics Finals

David Stern is nervously beginning to crack a smile: With Boston's win tonight, both the ratings-killing Pistons and Spurs are one win away from the mass-market Lakers and Celtics no less! While the image of either Bill Simmons or Ashton Kutcher celebrating their team winning it all is like a donkey punch to the nuts, the matchup should actually be pretty fun to watch.

Most exciting matchup in the potential series in my book? KG vs. Gasol. Let's take a quick outdated gander at said matchup:

The matchup is even more fun if you know how to do that bizarre sound by vibrating your lips.

These are two incredibly talented teams, but a part of me wonders if they were somehow helped along the way by Stern longing for a return to the NBA's golden age...ESPECIALLY with the Bird-Magic co-written book on the way. Lord knows that Stern knows how to pull the strings.

On a side note, that Genesis game "Lakers vs Celtics And the NBA Playoffs" was a fantastic game. I used to love to play with Larry Bird because he was completely and utterly unstoppable in the game. To win and piss off your friends, the challenge you really was find him on the court and get the ball into his hands.

Hmmmm....can YOU find him?

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