Monday, June 2, 2008

Killing Time Before The Championship Begins

The collective world of the NBA is twiddling its fingers tonight, with players and teams not wanting to make any important announcements lest they be forgotten the moment the NBA Finals begin. It's time like these, with a great rivalry like the Lakers and Celtics about to take shape once again, that we look back and take stock of the great NBA rivalries from years past.

-Magic Johnson vs. Larry Bird

-Rudy Tomjanovich vs. Kermit Washington's Fist

-Rick Mahorn vs. Manute Bol.......

Sigh...watching that video makes me really miss the 80s. Everything was so blissfully contrived. Not only do they tell Bol to act surprised (great acting job, Manute), they cut to a second, closer camera to show the expression on Rick Mahorn's face. Throw in the shticky music after the surprise and the fact that this so obviously filmed on a television set (notice the incredibly believable "club room" sign on the door when they show Manute Bol) and you have sheer nostalgic bliss.

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