Monday, June 16, 2008

Turiaf Knows How To Win This Series

The Lakers hopped back into making it a respectable series with a win last night.  The series is now 3-2 as it heads back to Boston, by no means over but still likely to be a Celtics championship.

How did the Lakers finally win, suppressing what was almost another comeback (this time down 18) by the Celtics?  Was it heart?  Was it brains?  Was it splooge-covered towels, Kobe?

Well...not sure if they were splooge-covered...BUT IT WAS INDEED TOWELS!

Specifically, Lakers player Ronny Turiaf throwing them to an assistant during the Celtics free throws in order to distract them.  Everyone knows that towel throwing is the key to knocking Paul Pierce's game off, since he almost had suffocated as a child under a big towel (Note: I have no factual evidence to back this up).

Anyhoo, here's the video clip.  Enjoy:

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