Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Back With A Vengeance/Free Agency Move Grades

Back from the honeymoon and ready to talk NBA. I wanted to do a draft recap with grades and whatnot, but with players already showing their stuff in the summer league that would sort of be a cop-out. Plus, does anyone REALLY want to talk about Brook and Robin Lopez more than they have to? Nah, me neither.

Thus, instead let's take a look at what can only be described as a COMPLETELY CRAZY DAY OF NBA MADNESS...free agency style. I will grade the moves that happened today, because in my opinion everything in life should be graded (Ants? B minus. Teal dress shirts? D plus).


Whyzzat? Everyone is saying how bad an idea it is that Brand is leaving a big market like Los Angeles and Baron Davis, who basically signed on just to be with him. I disagree. The Clips are the Kansas City Royals/Arizona Cardinals/...(hockey equivalent of this)... of the NBA, escape can only be described as a success. Also, the Sixers are a team seriously on the rise and Brand could be the vet that team needs to go somewhere in the playoffs. Yay for our favorite pornstar named coach Mo Cheeks!

Whyzzat? Corey spends allllll this time deciding betweenwhich contender to go to. Spurs? Celtics? Magic? -And then takes a tiny bit more money to go to a suddenly Baron Davis and Mickael Pietrus-less team that appears to be on a serious decline with how they've Hindenburg-ed this offseason. Golf clap for ending your career disgruntled, Corey.

Whyzzat? The Magic wanted Chris Duhon and wound up missing out on the Knicks who spent too much. The Magic then wanted Corey Maggette and realized they wouldn't get him. Their third option will probably wind up being the best of all three. Mickael Pietrus fits their bill of defensive-minded guards who can shoot the three, as well as making fohawk-wearer JJ Redick sit even further back on the bench. I was annoyed when the Magic drafted Redick, but am warming to it since at this point the team appears solely dedicated to keeping him on the roster to find new ways to piss him off.

The jetlag is killing me, so we'll leave it at that today, but there is much more to discuss in the first few days of the free agent signing period. Hopefully we see more craziness, like Josh Smith sign with Olympiakos for a pile of chocolate coins. Stay tuned!

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