Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Who's That Person Rocketing Into The Stands?

Oh what a delightful title pun.

Yes, yes...Ron-Ron Artest looks headed off to Houston in exchange for a 1st round pick, Bobby Jackson, and promising rookie Donte Green. This makes both the Kings and Rockets happy, as the Rockets get a promising all-star defender and the Kings get...well...an assurance that they will not be on ESPN for at least a year (their biggest "star" is either Kevin Martin or the Sacramento squawfish) Someone needs to call the Maloofs and tell them that something actually happened with the team they own while they sip on Appletinis with strippers in a jacuzzi.

This makes for quite an interesting roster for the Rockets:

PG: Streetball star Rafer Alston
SG: Tracy "Doctor Says I need a back-eotomy" McGrady
SF: Ron-Ron...nuff said.
PF: Antonio Banderas (Now going by the name "Luis Scola")
C: Yao, the filthiest mouth in the NBA

Not to mention our favorite player...I will use this random drunk guy in Vegas to remind us of his name:

If that roster doesn't sell some basketball tickets, it will DEFINITELY sell some circus tickets.

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