Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Top Gamewinners Of The Season

This video from NBA TV has been making it around the internet as...well...people like game winning shots. I figured, "Hey, it's Monday. You have a long week ahead of ya, and you need some smiles." We all know nothing spells "smile" like the vision of a bearded Scot Pollard running onto the court to congratulate Ray Allen like some sort of neo-Grizzly Adams:

I'm amazed that Durant clip wasn't #1. That shot just made everyone in America shake their heads in confused admiration. Of all the clips, #5 has a special place in my heart simply for that sound of celebration that the announcer makes. It's like a half-shriek, half falling-to-his-death sound. I can only hope that I can inspire shrieks like that from the ladies when I show them my mad Scattegories skillz.

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G.L. Rawx said...

Leon Powe quack quack quack? Is there some sort of platypus related connection that Leon Powe has to waterfowl?