Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Bobby Brown Gets NBA Contract...Who Will Give Whitney Drugs?

Sorry, sorry, sorry. The Bobby Brown that got an NBA guaranteed contract is actually a different Bobby Brown. That, kids, is what we writers call a "hook". It is somewhere in the writing thesaurus next to the word "shameless".

The OTHER Bobby Brown was signed today by the Kings after destroying other guards in the summer league like Mike Conley and DJ Augustin. The growing buzz surrounding his game even made the evil Europeans take notice, with both Maccabi Tel-Aviv and Barcelona (my honeymoon spot) trying to sign him. -Damn my greedy honeymoon spot.

The signing of Brown by the Kings, in my opinion, is further proof of the existence of God. Who else would be able to conceive of an NBA lineup that would be comprised of both Ron Artest and Bobby Brown? That's like a "meteoric fall from grace" hall of fame. Add Mike Tyson to that lineup and you have comedic gold. Yes...yes, once again it is not the same Bobby Brown...I know...but it's just so damn fun to SAY!

Congrats to Bobby Brown on getting a lucrative deal. I leave you with a fine selection from the other Bobby Brown's library. 'Tis a fine musical contemplation on the romance that surrounds us and binds us in the world...entitled "Humpin' Around". Enjoy:


G.L. Rawx said...

All the tender ronis in Sacramento need to beware, BBrown is back!

SG489 said...

hahahaha!!!!!! XD