Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Awoooooooooo....what a bad uniform

Fans of the Minnesota Timberwolves and...well...fans of the wolf animal rejoice, for your team has unveiled its new look. -Actually, The Howeva Files(amongst others) unveiled it a while ago, but who am I to care?

Yes, folks, the Timberwolves are now officially the "Wolves", so says it on their jerseys. What's that you say? They ARE still the Timberwolves, but just shortened it on their fancy shirts? Great...good to hear that's not confusing. Apparently the team used to have Wolves on their jerseys back in the early 90s, the true heyday of the team being awful. Now McHale can start getting the team back to it's true place in the NBA with non-subtle sucking.

And here we go, some stars to get fans excited! Stars like Mike Miller, wearer of the Kevin Sorbo/Aragorn-esque shoulder-length straight hair. Part of me likes Mike Miller, the same part that enjoys Scot Pollard and other misplaced freaky white guys. -But another part of me (call it the "rational" part) thinks it isn't the best idea to start marketing your team's new look around someone who you got as a toss-in during your swap of 1st round draft picks.

At least the team hasn't completely abandoned the godzilla-sized MONSTER WOLF (seen below), standing tall over thousands of pine trees. As crummy as things get with the team, the Minnesota fan can continue to claim to others that their logo is perhaps the least child-friendly, most evil and poop-your-pants-inducing logo out there. Once this large-nostriled animal is stricken from team apparell, you can officially stick a fork in this franchise. At least the Vikings have Adrian Peterson!

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