Thursday, August 7, 2008

White Chocolate Is A Clipper

Want to feel old?

Remember when Jason Williams was the cool new rookie in the league, dazzling NBA audiences with no-look passes and an invisible third eye for pinpoint alley-oop passes?

That was 10 years ago.

Cut to the present day: Jason Williams is a veteran, completely devoid of his fun antics (thanks a LOT, Hubie Brown), has a championship ring, and no longer has that funny parted haircut. He also is the latest person to be brought to the new-look Clippers, a team whose roster already everyone has lost track of.

Ah well, we can always look back, can't we? Jason Williams tops my list of "players who I totally thought were going to be entertaining to watch forever...and weren't" with Tracy McGrady a close second. Ron Artest is on that list somewhere for different reasons.

Top 10 Jason Williams plays (Warning: Turn the volume off of your computer, lest Michelle Branch music ruin your evening)

-And what would a young Jason Williams retrospective be without the best pass I have ever seen (or will ever see) over an NBA All Star Weekend:

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