Sunday, August 3, 2008

Paul Pierce And His Multiple Field Sobriety Tests

TMZ had an interesting report that didn't involve Lindsay Lohan or Madonna (hence the reason it was interesting). I'll let the text do the talking for me on this one:

"Paul Pierce of Boston Celtic fame was pulled over for erratic driving at around 3:30 this morning in Vegas, and apparently cops suspected he was driving wasted. Law enforcement sources tell us Pierce was stopped in front of the Tropicana Hotel and Casino and given not one but two field sobriety tests, plus a breathalyzer for good measure. He passed all three! Now here's the interesting part. After cops let him go, Paul left his car at the valet and took a cab home. He was not cited or charged."

Very interesting that Pierce took took a cab home after actually passing both of these tests. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see what happened. be honest, rocket scientists are a bad example since they are so incredibly involved with their rocket science. I'll rephrase it by saying "it doesn't take a moron to see what happened". There, much better:

Paul Pierce was pulled over and was "drunk as a skunk" as the kids say. The cops made him do a field test, and then made him RE-do it, thoroughly scaring the living hell out of him while they laughed. After having their yuks, adequately showing that a 40-something moustached, balding cop could have something over a millionaire NBA champion, they let him go. The only thing they said was that he had to take a cab home.

And there you have it, an explanation to the whole thing. -At least that's MY guess. It's Monday and that's the best I could do after a weekend of making NBA stars do field sobriety tests for my own enjoyment.

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