Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Iggy Gets The Bucks...Time To Build A Building!

Today the Sixers gave a very nice contract to Andre Iguodala, locking him up with 80 mill and ensuring that his team will indeed be one of the more interesting ones come next season with Brand and Iggy. Furthermore, Andre Iguodala actually seems to be a really smart, likeable fellow...something that is a rarity these days of Artests, Kobes and Steven Jacksons (formerly referred to as "the Sprewell days"). He's like the opposite of Iverson...the No-verson.

Not to continue to gush here, but what I like most about Iggy most is that you can tell that he has the wherewithal mentally to be a success. Just listening to him talk, you can tell he would be good at his job even if he was a janitor (my apologies to the enormous janitor contingent that reads this. You keep our latrines clean). See for yourself:

An architect? A builder of skyscrapers? The sheer fact that Andre Iguodala shares the same fake occupation as George Costanza makes him aces in my book. Toss in the "A squared plus B squared equals C squared...or something like that" comment and you have me sold. Casual triginometry always wins over the ladies.

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