Monday, August 11, 2008

Kobe Might Go To Italy! Monkeys Might Fly Out Of My Butt!

Kobe Bryant is now saying that 50 million is one spicy-a meat-a-ball, and he would consider playing in Italy for that much. Since Bryant spent some time in Italy already, people are starting to think that his words have more creedance than Lebron's European interests.

Well, that, and this clip. -Easily my favorite clip of Kobe because I don't speak Italian and thus can't get annoyed at how cocky his words are:

I'm just going to put this out there: I just flat out don't believe any of this Euro junk. All it takes is Nike, Reebok, or another corporate sponsor to say, " aren't going anywhere. You make more money for us in America. In addition...sign our shoes" and the talk is done. Kobe is like Brett Favre in that he likes to pop his name into whatever news story is hot at the moment. People are demanding trades? Ooo, I want one of those too! Europe is the hot place? I MIGHT go there! I was actually a bit amazed to not see him stepping out of a limo, showing his cesarian scar around the time those Britney photos came out.

-Ah well, there's still time. Ciao!

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