Monday, August 25, 2008

Lebron Likes To Shake It.

When I'm not saving kids from burning orphanages in a most heroic fashion, or setting fire to orphanages, I'm usually patrolling for various ridiculous videos. I maintain that Youtube is the best website ever created (which is saying something given the other fine sites out there, such as Unicorn Dreams). I think this for no other reason that at any given hour I can see up to 80 ugly folks playing video game soundtracks on their keyboards.

Today I stumbled upon some offscreen footage of Lebron James between takes while filming commercials. Apparently he likes to dance. The best part is how the other players try awkwardly to look the other way (exhibit A is Chris Paul near the end of the clip) because...well...what do you say when a guy is dancing and looking at you? "Oh...hey...nice, uh...moves,'re still dancing?'m going to grab a Coke. See you in a bit." (runs quickly away while Lebron continues to bob up and down with a creepy grin on his face).

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