Wednesday, March 18, 2009

We Need More 8-Bit Music, Dag Nabbit!

If you wasted as much time as I did playing Sega Genesis as a kid, you most likely had a chance encounter or two with a game by the name of "NBA Jam". By "game" I mean "hardcore addiction that would consume your life". I'm not ashamed to admit before this game came out, I was a smug jackass that oohed over the realism of "Lakers Vs. Celtics In The NBA Playoffs". Afterward, I was pissed that other games were so realistic. I wanted flames to shoot out of players' asses as they shot toward the hoop with a chorus of "He's on FIRE!". Anything less was uncivilized.

This little trip down memory lane was caused by one of my friends sending me this audio clip to jam to while I worked. Sure enough, I soon found myself bobbing my head and my thumbs twitching involuntarily to an imaginary Genesis controller. Enjoy.

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