Thursday, March 20, 2008

Blog Roundup Time: March Madness The Ol' NBA Way

Thursday, Bloody Thursday.  With teams being dispatched at a quick pace in the NCAA tournament, the collective world has its eyes squarely on March Madness.  We, on the other hand, are primarily an NBA site so it's our job to sift through the mountains of bracketology sites and find ones that are still vaguely referring to the pros. Yes, today truly sucks to be reporting on NBA links, sports fans (thank god this isn't a hockey site).

That being said, for what it's worth: "UCLA 82 over Georgetown 72" in the championship.  I am not a huge college sports fan since I went to a relatively small school (Go Connecticut College Camels!), but I do really get into the bracket every year.  I'm sure you'll see many a reference to the games on this site during the tournament.  How can you NOT when there are people who suddenly become household names with names like "Pittsnoggle"?!

Anyhoo, here's this week's top 5:

-Analyzing what most people forget: Kobe wanted out of Charlotte! (We Rite Goode)

-Lebron James a Net?  It Jay-Z keeps wooing him, who knows? (True Hoop)

-Cavs cheerleader Amanda has MY vote. Hubba Hubba. (The Big Picture)

-Inside the consciousness of the new Phoenix Suns (Free Darko)

Mickael Pietrus and Scrabble make for an interesting video (Yahoo! Sports Blog)


PistonzFanMike said...

Love the site! The foot injury comment cracked me up.

Foozle180 said...

"Pietrus" sounds like a disease. I got a mean case of Pietrus.

Seanhardwood said...

Cavs cheerleader Amanda is insane. I think I'm in love.

Anonymous said...

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