Monday, March 10, 2008


Today 11 wins became enough for the Miami Heat. Dwayne Wade's 2008 campaign came to a close this afternoon, as he's decided to undergo therapy for his knee that will sideline him for the rest of the year. According to Wade, he's been feeling pain just getting out of bed, and had no intention of cutting back his minutes, so this was the next logical, and expected step that the '06 Finals MVP would take.

"I'm just trying to get ready to opt out stay positive right now," Heat forward Shawn Marion said. "All you can do, really."

Stay positive, Matrix, stay positive. D-Wade is supposed to have OssaTron treatment, which sounds like a drink that a Transformer would drink while enjoying one of Rigel 7's private holobeaches, but is really some very sophisticated form of shock wave therapy. As a matter of fact, it's so sophisticated, that apparently you go through about 30 minutes of it, then you can't train for 30 days. Wade will be able participate in "passive exercise", which is limited to light activity such as swimming or bicycling.

The good news is that Pookie wants to participate in Olympic basketball, which is a promising notion for Heat fans since he will be rehabbing as best as he possibly can to get in shape to play with those guys in August. Really, I rate this injury about a 5. It was pretty much known something like this was going to happen by now anyway. Pookie likes being hurt, I'm convinced of it. I like his style though, getting paid to get shot in the knee with painful shock waves is my bag too. This is a good thing Miami, the Beasley Bus is coming, HOP ON!


Magic Man said...

Chuck should get Pookie out of his 5, pronto. Chuck would NEVER quit a season early to get "The Ossotron". In fact, I think Chuck thinks the Ossotron is the new dance all the 21 year old groupies are doing while his 400 pound ass is at the bar.

Beasley, Wade and The Matrix? Tanking might have its advantages.

Anonymous said...

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