Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Chris Paul Ain't Winning MVP With This One

I've seen a lot of crappy websites in my day...I'm looking right at you the new website the Hornets launched to help win Chris Paul MVP shares an ample spot in the pantheon of poop.

The site is "", a name that sounds more like a license plate than a website. Also, it's hard to look at the name and NOT think about Star Wars character C3PO. I showed the name to no less than 10 people and they responded in a similar fashion. Amazingly, "" still isn't taken...nor is "". Those would make too much sense. Best of all, regular ol' "" IS taken by some egotystical guy talking about his "Master of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from the Yale School of Art". Someone slap this guy if you know him.

This all detracts from the real point here: as a site "" stinks. It stinks primarily because it isn't much of a site at all. You get there and a Chris Paul graphic opens to show a smaller Chris Paul graphic. This excited me at first, hoping something humorous and/or entertaining was ahead, like the super fantastic Phoenix Suns Locker Room Site. 'Twas not to be, my friends. You click on the mini image of Chris Paul and all that follows is drab text on a black background. This text proclaims the following:

Hey Fans,

Here's your chance to tell the world why you think Chris Paul should be the NBA's Most Valuable Player.

Create a short video telling us why YOU think CP3 is the MVP and upload it to our myspace page. The best video will be selected as the winner and will be featured right here on!

Good Luck!

Wow. How can Chris Paul NOT win after incredible effort put forth like that?! I've been ordered, not even asked, to create a short video about an NBA player on a site that was little more than text on a black background. -AND THAT'S NOT ALL! If I am lucky enough to WIN, I get my video featured on "". The 4-6 people who accidentally stumbled across "", looking to get their fix of sweet, unbridled bumblebee porn will actually see my video.

Give me a moment to collect myself. I just drooled all over the place with excitement.

Get real, creators. If you want to win, do it in a creative way like Chris Bosh's All Star Campaign video. Watch how it's done:

Watching that video makes me feel good inside. Well played, Mr. Bosh.

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