Wednesday, March 5, 2008

All Things Birdman All The Time

With the reinstatement of exiled skywalker, Chris Andersen, so comes a guaranteed championship for the fan-starved New Orleans Hornets.

Too much?

Sorry, but I'm packing a half-chub right now knowing that my patience for his two year ban to end has been rewarded. Witness my recent drooling:

[He's] an NBDL alum who soared his way into the hearts of fans in Denver and later New Orleans with his high flying act of dunks, blocks, rebounds and awe-inspiring hair. Think of a hyperkinetic, athletic and bat shit crazy Anderson Varejao.
With the Western Conference now even more loaded after the monumental trades by the Lakers, Mavs and Suns, the surprising Hornets probably don't stand much of a chance for a title, but Andersen's signing could, at best, strengthen the wafer-thin frontcourt and bring 10 more fans out to home games.

OK, maybe 2 more...but Birdman's back!

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