Saturday, March 8, 2008

Tantrum 101

David Harrison isn't exactly a household name. -Heck, it isn't even probably a household name in his house. Still, I had to give a big THF tip o' the hat to him last night for the epic tantrum he threw in the game against the Spurs. A good tantrum deserves at least a golf clap in my opinion.

Harrison was hit in the face accidentally by the Spurs' Matt Bonner late in the game, for which Bonner drew an offensive foul...That was all that was necessary...and then the real show began. Ladies and gents, take out your popcorn.

Harrison, who apparently has a long history of emotional outburts, was set off like a rocket in flight (afternoon deliiiight). He started yelling and gesturing like a wild man, spit flying and arms gesturing. Even after the play ended, the other guys on the Pacers just kept their eyes on him to make sure he wouldn't start speaking in tongues and murdering babies. Harrison then told an official something to the effect of "You better watch out, because I'm going to beat the life out of Bonner" and was immediately hit with a technical foul for the honesty/threat. Wow, David! Who would have thought telling an explicit threat to an NBA ref would result in a penalty?

As if it couldn't get any better, Pacers coach Jim O'Brien had seen enough and told Harrison to leave the floor. Realizing his chance to decapitate Bonner had passed, Harrison started yelling from the bench at Bonner and was held back by Troy Murphy and Jamaal Tinsley. He went to the locker room shortly afterwards, where we can only assume anyone named "Matt" who came into contact with him was royally messed up.

I'm not one to promote this sort of behavior, but I AM a big fan of anything that allows fans the opportunity to yell funny things to the players on the court. This fills that bill. Plus, I too have in fact been tossed from many a scrabble tournament for similar actions. The word "sequoia" on a triple word score?! Kiss my ass!

David Harrison, you may be a virtual nobody in the NBA, but to me and the multiple demons you have swirling around in your head you are a hero. Thank you.

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