Sunday, March 16, 2008

Let's Go Streakin' With Houston

The Rockets won their 22nd game tonight, leaving the average joe to ask, "Wow, how long can they keep this up?"

The average joe then looked at the schedule, saw the Celtics were up next for the Rockets, and went, "Oh. I guess until then."

Still, ya never know. The Celtics will be playing that game the night after a possible finals preview against the Spurs on Monday night, so they could use up all of their mojo the night before. If the Rockets do win that game to make it 23 straight, they have to do the equivalent of the "drink a gallon of milk in an hour challenge" by playing the Hornets, Warriors, and Suns all in one week. Call it a hunch, but the spaceships ain't making it to the weekend unscathed.

Even more importantly, the only streak left for the Rockets to eclipse is the 33-game win streak set by the Los Angeles Lakers wayyy back in the day. 22 games is pretty darn impressive, especially without Yao Ming, but they have to do HALF of what they JUST ACCOMPLISHED just to TIE 33! You can tell how difficult that is by the amount of times I hit "Caps Lock" in that last sentence. Caps lock don't mess around.

Also, in keeping with the "Tracy McGrady only seems to suck when it actually matters" knowledge that every citizen of the United States of America has, it is only a matter of time before the rest of the team starts having to keep this streak alive. Tonight might have been the beginning of that phenomenon as Rafer Alston had to score 31 points for the Rockets to win, with McGrady barely getting into double digit scoring. Next thing you know, Mutombo might even have to score more than 0 points for the team to win!

Man, every good NBA discussion always comes back to Dikembe Mutombo. When he retires in a few years at the age of 75, I'll be one sad man.

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