Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Holy Crap That Was Fast: Mike D'Antoni and the Suns Just Broke Up

As a Suns guy, this actually makes me sad, but word is that the Phoenix Suns are done with former coach of the year and mustache rocker Mike D'Antoni.

During last night's post game press conference, D'Antoni was mum about his status with the team, keeping focus on the team and his pride in them. However, upper management seems to be ready to cut ties with the man who made the eight-second-offense sexy again. Game 5 in the Spurs/Suns series marked the third time in four seasons in which Phoenix was ousted from the playoffs by San Antonio, so I can see the logic in management's win now/something has to change move.

Since D'Antoni has 2 years left on his contract with Phoenix, any team that wants to discuss employment of his services needs to ask for permission. Chances are it won't, but this could play out like the day after a bad batch of Isiahcorn. Most see this as a possible reunion with Colangelo-lite, since it's likely that Toronto Raptors coach Sam Mitchell will get the boot, but Chicago and the Knicks are both out there, so they can't be counted out.

Will Phoenix be able to replace greatness? Who knows, but there's always this.



Shawn Kemp's Kids said...

After my eyes adjusted to the sexiness, I realized that the trophy is detachable. I guess you just get to keep the top part in the Italian league. Either that or he ripped it in half (along with his jersey) in a fit of steroid induced rage. I knew D'Antoni was a juicer, just look at those guns.

Black and Blue Jor said...

This might be the best collection of vintage D'Antoni porn on the net!

G.L. Rawx said...

It's so true son of Kemp, D'Antoni > Hulkamania.