Friday, April 25, 2008

Larry Brown Enjoys Coaching

(cue old timey music and bumbling police officers with no guns)

Larry Brown is old. He was born the same year that Elmer Fudd made his debut in the short film Elmer's Candid Camera, also the same year that 2 guys named Adolf and Benito met up in the Alps and decided to form some sort of Axis or something or other to wage war on France and the United Kingdom. He also shares a quality that many people over the age of 65 do, and that is an unadulterated hatred toward young people. Which is why there's some upsetting news out of Philadelphia; Larry Brown has resigned as vice president of the Philadelphia 76ers. Why is this so upsetting you ask? Because he has done so with the intention of pursuing a college or NBA coaching job.

The Sixers organization has undergone some changes with the firing of former team president and maker of poor desicions Billy King, which some feel is the reason for Brown's change of heart. HOWEVA, we all know why this is happening, Larry Brown enjoys making money, and teams enjoy paying him; his stint with Philadelphia was actually the longest he's been in one place in his entire career. This will not dissuade NBA Brass though, oh no, they can be easily be blinded by 1 championship in 25 playoff appearances.

He's most recently interviewed with the Grizzlies and is rumored to have been offered a job to coach at Princeton, but with the vacancies we'll probably be seeing in the next couple of weeks and months, he'll surely be in talks with Chicago, Charlotte, Miami, and of course, THE KNICKS. Let's everyone put in a collective prayer that that happens, because that would be the sweetest candy.

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