Thursday, April 17, 2008

Isiah OUT?! America Mourns The Loss Of The World's Easiest Punchline

'Tis a sad day, my friends.

In the same week that we lost Antawn Jamison's nuts, it is announced that Isiah Thomas is out as Knicks head coach. We thought that Isiah and cockroaches were the only things with the abilities to withstand a nuclear holocaust, but now we realize we were all incorrect. So very incorrect.

Gone is that smiling face that calmly told reporters that the 10 game losing streaks were simply "rough patches".

Gone is the man whose each and every move (yes...INCLUDING Zach Randolph) could immediately be laughed about and watched with glee as it spontaneously combusted before everyone's eyes.

Gone is what I often referred to as "the great failsafe" on slow news days in the NBA. You could always count on Isiah to somehow make a quiet day interesting. No longer can I fast forward through Knicks games with the Benny Hill theme playing.

Here in New York, to say they're dancing in the streets is an understatement. On the flipside, for anyone who enjoys making fun of the hijinks in the NBA it's the equivalent of losing a dear, beloved friend.

Goodnight, sweet prince. Fly high on wings of inflated contracts.

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