Monday, April 7, 2008

We Tell You What To Watch: Week of April 7 - 14

To recap last week:
3) The Canadian free fall continues and New Jersey still has hopes of being a playoff team. Sadly, it's a lot like how your dorky friend in high school has hopes that the hot chick who talked to him for 3 seconds wants to date him.

2) All my predictions of a Sasha Vujacic beat down failed to come through, but it still was a weird game with Barry Bonds sitting courtside next to the Maloof Bros. Unsurprising quote of the night: "I love Barry Bonds." ~ Ron Artest

1) Time to get out the checkbook and pay grandma for the rubdown because Utah was on this like a donkey eating a waffle. 90 - 64, Utah. Ugh.

Since there is a lack of Jack Bauer cutting off people's thumbs right now, here's some games that should be just as exciting:

3) Celtics at Wizards (Wednesday, April 9, ESPN)

The Celtics have beaten every team in front of them this season, but have yet to face the fury that is Gilbert. You can't control him! The man checks himself in whenever he wants! Aren't we all glad we'll be seeing more of him in the playoffs?

2) Hornets at Lakers (Friday, April 11)

Even though the Lakers are a little bruised and broken, they are still chasing that championship dream. New Orleans is still trying to prove that they're going to be a true contender, despite their best player being their point guard. Since we're talking about Chris Paul, I have problems with that ad he's in that's played all the time during the NCAAs where it's message that there are no Cinderellas. Showing clips of Jimmy V's NC State is great, but I'm pretty sure MJ's Tar Heels weren't exactly long-shots. They did have Worthy and Perkins leading the charge. Get your head out of your ass, Jumpman!

1) Memphis Tigers vs. Kansas Jayhawks (Monday, April 7)

Besides the race in the West, the rest of the regular season is pretty boring. I mean, even Pat Riley is skipping it to watch draft prospects. There's no NBA games on Monday, and there's good reason. College basketball is now a joke, but it's still fun to watch for the draft prospects and argue how you think they'll turn out at the next level. Player to watch: Derrick Rose. I'm going to count the amount of times he's pushed the ball over the half court line before any other teammates have caught up.

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