Monday, December 24, 2007


Only the best of holiday wishes from The Howeva Files to you and your family!

We hope you get great presents this year as you surely deserve them if you are wise enough to read this site. Word around the block is that Josh Groban's Christmas cd is setting all sorts of records, so that means most of you will at least have one present to return this year from an elderly aunt or uncle. Make sure to check the wrapping for the gift receipt. If there is none, here are some ideas on what to do with your Josh Groban cd:

-A coaster

-Boomerang that doesn't come back

-Just pop out the booklet inside, insert photo, and you have an elegant picture frame.

-Something to help pick your teeth of the remnants of Christmas dinner.

-Hard surface to rest your nativity figurines on in the snow.

-Food (if stranded on deserted island).

-Sharp object to slice your wrists with if you're a Knicks fan

Well, regardless of what you do with your Groban cd, we hope you will be nogged up and grinning the holiday away. Happy holidays!

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