Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Scottie Pippen May Soon Have A Source of Positive Income

With coach Scott Skiles finally out in Chicago, the Chicago Sun-Times is reporting that Scottie Pippen may soon rejoin the team as an assistant. This is terrific news for the guy who's post-career has been mired in financial and legal woes which almost lead him to embarrass himself by making a comeback. Watch your chip stacks Baby Bulls, Scottie and his high stakes poker addiction is coming for you!

I'm not entirely sure what kind of coach Pippen is going to be. On one hand he is remembered as a fierce and insanely talented competitor who was among the NBA's 50 best ever and at worst as a temperamental second-level star who rode Michael Jordan's coattails to his only championships. Note that I never said "intelligent floor general." Hopefully he'll at least teach Luol Deng and Tyrus Thomas how to properly utilize their freakishly long wingspans.

Would I love having Pippen as a coach? Sure! I could pound him in the head and watch his head morph into bizarre mushroom-like bruises. He's a terrific financial adviser in that I would do the complete opposite of whatever he does. And judging from the last photo, he's a good kisser.

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