Saturday, December 15, 2007

What The Maloofs Are Doing Instead Of Helping The Kings

While the Kings lurk in the sub .500 land of mediocrity, at least the fans have solace that their owners are doing whatever it takes to get their team back to respectability.

For instance, Kings fans were treated by this quote when they opened Sports Illustrated, knowing full well in their hearts that soon their team would be on top again:

"Whenever I looked out the window, I saw kids skateboarding,'' Joe Maloof said.

Yep, that's right Sacramento fans. While the Kings resemble the kidney stone passed by championship calibur teams, the Maloofs are holding the first "Maloof Money Cup", a skateboarding competition in Orange County. Kings fans will smile knowing that while "superstars" like John Salmons and Mikki Moore play for their team, the good money is going right where it should: To get Mischa Barton some elbow pads before she gets on that board.

At least the competitors know that the namesakes of the competiton have some serious skateboarding backgrounds. Tony Hawk, eat your heart out:

"I tried skateboarding when I was a kid,'' Joe Maloof said. "There was a place in Albuquerque called Kistler-Collister; it was a shopping center and it had an underneath parking garage. I went flying down the ramp and hit one of those drainage pipes that was sticking up. I must have flew 100 feet and landed on my face.

Has this team moved to Vegas yet?

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