Sunday, November 25, 2007

Agent Zero Might Be On His Butt Playing Video Games For Longer Than Expected

The Wizards say Gilbert Arenas will return to action in 3 months after reinjuring his left knee, but it sounds like he wants to take a tad longer.

How much longer? How about the whole year:

"I need to start thinking about longevity in my career instead of just this injury right now. Every great player has missed at least one year. I'm going to go in, do my rehab and take my time this time. I have to be right for the next six, seven years of my career."

Zounds! If you close your eyes immediately after reading that, you can get a clear mental picture of Wizard's management knocking Eddie Jordan out of the Wizard's coaching spot in the future. In my personal vision, the Wizards hire Zidane and he headbutts Jordan out of a 10-story window.

Agent Zero's apparent decision to ignore team doctors sounds eerily similar to Dwayne Wade's decision to come back on his own schedule. It kinda makes me wish I had decided to enter the world of sports medicine, as I would have gotten a shitload of money to have the organization pressure me into decisions and have the players ignore them anyways. Low risk, high reward sounds good to me!

Still, very sad news that one of the most entertaining players in the NBA could be be out for a very long time. Almost makes you want to cry.

-You, not me. I have Caron Butler in most of my fantasy basketball teams! (helloooo at least 20 shots a game!)

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