Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Hugh-ge Mistake...OH WHAT A PUN!

Remember way back in 2005 when the Cavs signed Larry Hughes instead of going after Ray Allen, Michael Redd, and Joe Johnson? I do. More specifically, I remember reading an Inside Hoops article talking about how good a move it was to get him instead of those guys.

How's that working out?

This marks the absolute earliest part of the season that Larry Hughes has reminded everyone he isn't the compliment the Cavs are looking for to help Lebron. In fact Mr. Hughes has been so bad, like Ron Burgandy talking to his dog, I'm not even mad at him...I'm sort of impressed.

To go along with shooting 27% from the field, Hughes has been in foul trouble constantly and has yet to reach double digits in 3 games (despite significant playing time). He has almost as many turnovers (7) as made field goals (9). For those of you snobs saying, "Whatever, at least he is healthy", Larry missed practice Monday with mucho leg problemos and with a balky knee it sounds like he already knows his body is disintegrating like an alka seltzer.

"Well, at least he is good in fantasy basketball. He had 7 steals in his first game!" I dunno, man. Even Yahoo! fantasy nerd writers are making fun of anyone who drafts him.

In stretches last year, LH was superb and really seemed to be giving it his all. The problem with this is that he is wildly inconsistent and there are times when I watch him and really think he doesn't comprehend what the team really wants from him. More often than not, you are left with him messing up and the cameras cutting to that nonstop image of Lebron biting his nails on national television. If you needed a translation for when he bites his nails, it is "This team is SO fucked. That guy is supposed to be my primary complement? The Pippen to my Jordan? Shit. I give it about 2 more years until I go Garnett on this franchise."
Cleveland plays tonight, and I'm hoping that Larry does well and proves me wrong for the sanity of those Cavs fans reading. Until then, keep scanning the newspapers for this headline:
"Larry Hughes, 28, found murdered. The only evidence police have found is a trail of bitten fingernails and a crown."


Anonymous said...

LOL I agree. Fucking Hughes. As a Cavs fan I have felt the pain.

Anonymous said...

Bring back Magic coverage!

Black and Blue Jor said...

Hee hee, plenty of Magic coverage on the site. Thanks for writing.


Hope the Magic beat the Wolves tonight.

Black and Blue Jor said...

Whoa. Just checked the numbers and apparently almost 800 people viewed the site today. Thanks to all the readers.