Tuesday, November 6, 2007

There's No Need To Worry. You're All Losing Your Jobs

Now that the Patriots-Colts game is over, the WWL is telling me that it's OK to recognize that there are other sports out there.

What you might have missed during the past few days:
1. Navy beat Notre Dame
2. The Fabulous Moolah died
3. The guy from Hang Time is still coaching the Kings
4. The Bulls want more power forwards

Only a few days removed from trying to put down the Kobe-to-Chicago trade rumors, the Bulls are once again looking to make everyone on the roster nervous with the new rumor that the team will pursue Elton Brand, the LA Clippers' injured franchise star who becomes a free agent in the off-season. If this were to actually happen, it would likely take place in a sign-and-trade deal so Brand could get the largest contract possible and the Clippers could get something in return for losing their one star.

Since Chicago is a team of cheap youngsters like Joakim Noah and Ben Gordon, such a deal would be attractive to the Clippers, who are notoriously frugal. For those five of you who immediately jumped on the bandwagon and bought Clippers jerseys and hats, you've been had. Quite obviously that Clippers playoff win was something that comes just as often as Haley's Comet. Might I recommend the Celtics? A Ray Allen jersey and one of those pink Red Sox hats would be just great for you.

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