Wednesday, November 28, 2007

This One Might Be Worth Watching

Thursday night the Knicks play the Celtics, a game that should be very, very entertaining.

No, silly, it's not because the Knicks actually will do anything against America's best NBA team. They might lose by 60 points and Eddy Curry's heart might explode on the floor.

It's because the masterminds at TNT have put together what will amount to a "Knicks Haters Throughout History" broadcasting team.

One of the broadcasters is Reggie Miller, villain numero uno amongst Knicks fans. Today he had some less than glowing comments about how the Knicks are being run this year:

"Right now, they are a league-wide joke. It's sad because they are an historic and iconic franchise. But people think they are late night comedy jokes."

Doesn't he realize the late night comedy writers are on the writer's guild strike? Way to stay topical in your two sentences, Reggie.

Joining Reggie is Marv Albert, who was kicked out of the gig of being Knicks broadcaster when he criticized the Knicks in 2004(amazingly they kept him on when he had that sex scandal a ways back.) I went to a Knicks gala event at MSG when I was younger and part of the event had Marv Albert as a waiter at my table (I'm not joking). I spent most of the time talking to him and he seemed like a nice guy, albeit a bit boring. Al Trautwig was much cooler and very entertaining. Anyhoo, less than a week later, that sex scandal story broke and he was fired quickly. I still get shivers thinking about the timing of my meeting him.

Rounding out the crew is Mike Fratello, who had a handshake agreement with Isiah to coach the Knicks before he got toupee-blocked by the surpise hiring of Lenny Wilkins. Just hearing "Lenny Wilkins, Knicks coach" makes even the most casual sports fan smack their forehead and say "Shit...Isiah has been there a LONG time! How is he still employed?" For the answer, see Reggie's quote above.

Needless to say, I'm going to call it a hunch that the Celtics will jump out to a quick lead and the night will descend into an evening-long Knicks roast. Comedy Central might want to broadcast this one later.


Anonymous said...

Wtf is going on in the world. First this Knicks broadcast team and then Carlos Arroyo has 14 assists... IN ONE GAME NOT A SEASON!!! Given Dwight was wide open under the hoop literally the entire night, but still. Jameer didn't play much, someone resesutated JJ long enough for him to hit a basketball court (evidently he didnt die, go figure, and Carlos Arroyo actually played the point guard position. The world stopped spinning on its axis.

Black and Blue Jor said...

Arroyo with 14 assists is impossible. He attaches the ball to his hands with velcro to hog it more, studies have shown.

I'm convinced it was Jameer with an Arroyo mask.

Black and Blue Jor said...

!!!! Knicks lost by 45!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a loser.

Isiah Thomas for president