Friday, November 2, 2007

Breaking News: Seattle Gets Shat Upon

I don't know if this is really breaking news as we all knew it was coming for some time now, but the Sonics announced they are going to be moving to Oklahoma City. Oklahoma is best known for that piss poor musical (Yeah, I said it. Wanna fight, ancestors of Rodgers and Hammerstein?) The people of Seattle now officially have their Art Modell in Clayton Bennett (shown below) that they can hate while drinking mocha frappucinos.

It's tough to have your team stolen by a selfish owner, but even harder when his eyes appear to be askew like James Lipton.

I feel bad for the people in Seattle, who really are some great fans. They support their baseball team, although that franchise is run by people who must be blindfolded. The Seahawks fans also show support for their ever-underachieving franchise, somehow rooting for a team that lists D.J. Hackett as a part of their core. Good luck with that.

Now the Sonics get Durant, the sun is finally shining for the first time since Payton was on the team, and they get taken away.
Can I be first to predict that Seattle, a major market, will get awarded an NBA franchise sometime in the next 5 years like Charlotte was? Is that allowed or is it way too obvious? I eagerly await the next incarnation of a silly-named team like the Bobcats, which I'm hoping is Wombat-related.

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