Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Hell Are You Looking At?

HEY YOU! What....(BURP)....the....schnlar ya lookin' at? Ya, I'm talkin' to you! Ya feelin like ya wanna go home in a body bag, don't....(VOMIT)....don't....(VOMIT)....body bag don't....(VOMIT BLOOD)...don't ya? Oh I feel much better. SHIT! The....the shakes are back. DONNIE! DONNIE! WHERE'S DONNIE? (Weeps uncontrollably and falls out of chair)

HEY WHERE'S MY DRINK? YOU! You....it was you, you son...son of a BITCH! As soon as I get myself off this floor I'm gonna skull fuck you....yeah, I saw you eyeing my Rob Roy. When I get done with you, Hondo's gonna give you a Sloppy Thurston like we used to do back in the 60s.

Ohh, this is a nice floor....nuthin like this in Maui. Go ahead. I want you to have it.

BARTENDER! Gimme....gimme a si-(FART)-x pack of Schlitz. I'm in this for the long haul tonight. Wha? Where's Marciulionis? That Commie bastard was always good for a laugh. He was always asking me when we were gonna run some set plays. PLAYS!?!?!?!, I'd say. I had no idea no idea we were a bunch of pussies!

Baron Davis: Coach! Who are you talking to? Have you been paying attention at all to what's been going on? It's the 3rd quarter!

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