Friday, November 9, 2007

Basketball Players Are Smarter Than A Fifth Grader

Who would have thought that all of Matt Leinart's ballroom dancing classes in college wouldn't help him do simple math. According to the Arizona Republic, Amare Stoudamire bought the Cardinal QB's house for $1.9 million dollars. Great value considering that Leinart bought it for $2.4 million. Experts would say that Leinart's $500,000 loss could be chalked up to a slow market, but the girls in office say it's because Paris Hilton's skanky make-up is caked on all the walls and ceiling. Me? I think it's because Kurt Warner's wife won't leave the premises.


Anonymous said...

That photo is classic just for that girl in the background, whose expression says, "Yes...I am the ugly friend"

Anonymous said...

I think Kurt Warner's wife looks like Amare Stoudamire if he got run over by a tractor.

Anubis Taylor said...

Another funny thing about the picture is that the girl in the foreground looks like she's opened up her entire top.