Thursday, January 17, 2008

This Will Fix Everything!

Considering the circumstances, you can't really blame Stephon Marbury for claiming that this has been his worst season. It doesn't help either that the team has started winning since it's been reported that he might need season-ending ankle surgery.

But let's stop overreacting to New York's so far dismal season. Irregardless of the fact that if you live in Boston, New York, or LA you believe your teams have a God-given right to a championship, Knicks fans have inexplicably been brainwashed that their championship teams from 1970 and 1973 were, without question, the best teams ever assembled. I think Isiah might need to bring in ex-Knicks coach, Rick Pitino, to rant for him.

Willis Reed is not walking through that door! Bill Bradley is not walking through that door! Walt Frazier is not walking through that door! And if you expect them to walk through that door, they're going to be gray and old.
What's actually been more saddening to me is the atrocity that's being committed in Joisey. Jason Kidd's career can easily summed up as continued excellence in spite of having over-hyped and sub-par help. Because they have a new stadium on the way, the Nets have been reluctant to say goodbye to the Q scores of Kidd, Vince, and RJ, even though it might brighten the team's future.

So what have we been left with? News that the team's future rests on the laptop-filled hands of Marcus Williams! According to the Star-Ledger, The team has hired John Lucas to work Williams back into game shape as he rehabs from a broken foot. "The drills are intense," an exhausted Williams confirmed. "He didn't let up — from start to finish, everything was hard. He was just stressing working hard, getting back in shape, getting my timing back."

Wow. Apparently stressing the concept of getting into shape is groundbreaking to young Marcus.

What's even more flooring is news that both of these teams have been talking sporadically the past few months about trading each other's underachieving and overpaid garbage, namely Vince Carter and Zach Randolph. Is there any way we can donate some absinthe, peyote or something, to help give these guys a new thought?

At this point I'm willing to see if Mini Sly's got game.

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