Tuesday, January 15, 2008

What A Great Way To Call It A Career!

While trying to glean more information on who will be the next Miami Dolphins head coach (my one source of non-NBA interest), I stumbled across this gem while reading the Miami Sun Sentinel:

"Heat acknowledges error in Mourning "retirement" story"

Yes, that is right. The Miami Heat posted on their website that Alonzo Mourning said, "Yes. I'm retired. This is it for me". The only problem, if you really HAD to find one, was that he never said that and was furious that the team mentioned he would be retiring on their website instead of him personally announcing the end of his career.

Imagine being in Alonzo Mourning's shoes. You play your ass off for a ton of years, sweat and bleed on the court, risk your life by rehabbing yourself from a debilitating kidney situation, play as a crucial backup on a championship team while you are 36 and falling apart...and after all of that you get "retired" by some dumbass who misprinted your words on a team website.

I would say that sucks, but that doesn't do it justice. It would be more like being a contestant on this show:

I feel for ya, Alonzo. Have fun in retirement!

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