Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Force Is With Hedo


ABC, actually making a correct decision for once (That show "Cavemen"...not such a good one), decided to drop the surefire blowout matchup of the Bulls vs. Suns in favor of the Magic-Celtics game on Sunday.

All I can say is this: whomever made that decision at ABC, give them a raise (or their job back if they were caught making love to their secretary).

The Celts hopped off to a large lead, then the Magic used the 3rd quarter to surge forward by 16 points, only to have the Celtics shoot to a 11-0 run and take the lead down the stretch. After the game went back and forth, Ray Allen made a three pointer to tie it with 14 seconds left...and then came this:

The best part of the video is Hubie Brown dismissing the play early with a "too late...too late". You can practically see him throwing his hands into the air, shaking his head at these cocky youngsters, and turning to see what old movie is on AMC.

Hubie obviously hasn't been following Hedo Turkoglu this season, who appears to have the ghost of Obi Wan Kenobi guiding his every move. Replays on the play above showed that not only was Paul Pierce fouling Hedo on the shot, but Hedo's body wasn't even completely facing the hoop. This is just the latest in a string of game winners for Mr. Turkey, who is having an All-Star year and has sucked all of the luck out of the universe.

Whomever is friends with Hedo, drop what you are doing, IMMEDIATELY take him to Vegas, and do whatever he says. Something tells me you will come out quite all right.


ivro89 said...

And with that Turkoglo Rent-a-Car's stock went through the roof

Hardwood Paroxsym said...

No, no. My favorite announcer quote was, after the Pierce layup, this exchange:

Tirico: "I love it!"
Brown: "In your FACE!"

Seriously. Apparently the league would very much like you to root for the Celtics, and all other teams are just villains to be dispatched of in their trek to glory.

Until Hedo threekake'd them.

Black and Blue Jor said...

Haha "Threekake" is easily the word of the day. Very well done.

Magic Man said...

Was at this game, and lemme tell you the place was electric. Never seen so many Boston jerseys in my life, some with the tags still on, while others looked homemade.

Laughed my ass off when I found out KG didn't make the trip and the attendance immediately dropped by 5000. Laughed even harder when I heard Brian(Fantasy Camp winner) Scalabrine was starting and then he proceeded to do Billy Blanks Tae-Bo during the warm up.

To sum it up, best Magic game I have seen in years, Dwight Howard cannot be killed by mortal weapons, and if Hedo does not make the All-Star team then the terrorists win.

Mike from Illinois said...

What a shot by Turk! The Celts had great defense for that play, refusing to let him drive... no problem... just turn around and hit the game winning three!

The Magic deserve much credit for hitting 19 of 20 FTs; if they hadn't done so, most likely they would have lost the game.

With KG out, that takes a little of the luster off the Magic win, but the Celts are still a very good team even without him.

Despite 20 TOs, losing a 16 pt third qtr lead, and also losing a 7 pt lead in the final two minutes to let BOS tie, the Magic did what they had to do to win this one.

The Magic have now won 4 in a row at home; hopefully they are starting to gain their confidence and swagger at home, because they have a home-heavy schedule the rest of the way.

Anonymous said...

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