Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The White Guy Report: Who Wants Another One?

According to the Seattle Times, the Supersonics have been shopping point guard, Luke Ridnour, around to teams that might be in need of a floor general that can become a key piece "to a championship puzzle."

I had no idea that a guy who shares his time with Earl Watson can be so highly regarded. And wasn't Ridnour invited to compete for a spot on the Olympic team only to be beat out by Kirk Hinrich, who has been shooting a scorching 39% from the field this year?

So who's got the guts to show that they really think they're another white guy away from a championship? Indy is a strong choice considering their massive trade last year to score all-time whiteys Mike Dunleavy and Troy Murphy, but I can't see Larry Legend buying into this "Pacers are world champs" BS.

My choice is Phoenix. They don't mind mortgaging the future when it comes to trades and they still sorely need a backup to Steve Nash that's not named Marcus Banks. With two first round picks and four in the second for the upcoming draft, I have no clue what the hell Seattle can possibly ask for in return. Maybe if its for a time machine to go back and never choose Robert Swift.

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