Friday, January 11, 2008

Say Hello To The Las Vegas Hornets!

So yeah... it still doesn't look good for strikingly handsome basketball fans in New Orleans like the lonely fella above. Yes the Hornets signed a lease extension, but the team is free to opt out if average attendance is worse than 14,735 for the last five months of this season and next season.

The average attendance this season? 11,871. Dead last in the league. VIVA LAS VEGAS!

So what's the deal? Why does no one go see this exciting, young, and talented team that includes the dynamic Chris Paul? Apparently, they just come off feeling like an away team that won't leave. Seriously. I have just a good of a chance of watching them on TV as a local does!

Another problem is the team's television contract with Cox Sports TV, which is owned by Cox Communications. The regional sports channel is unavailable to about 250,000 viewers in St. Tammany Parish, which is one of New Orleans' most affluent suburbs and is served by another cable company...Cox is also unavailable to anyone in the metro area who has satellite TV, which became increasingly popular in the New Orleans area after Katrina because Cox needed months to restore cable service to many neighborhoods...In other words, sports bars in New Orleans that have satellite TV often cannot show the local NBA team's games, home or away.

WTF? The Nets are atrocious, yet I can catch all 82 games through the YES Network?????? It also boggles the mind that it's not appealing to fans to combine the debauchery of The Big Easy with a whole different kind of debauchery in an NBA game.

Imagine, if you will, a sold-out audience that pees right where they stand! Drinks coming in plastic cups the shapes of naked women and hand grenades! A female audience that follows you into the mens room negotiating sex for beads! Homeless people directing the flow of traffic after the game towards the aquarium!

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