Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Site Announcement: THF Expands With The Addition Of G.L. Rawx

THF is proud to announce the induction of G.L. Rawx into our regular panel of writers.

With site readership continuing to grow rapidly (thanks guys), we started to keep our eyes peeled to add another knucklehead. After regularly making us laugh out loud numerous times in the site comments section, we wound up talking with G.L. more and decided he was the perfect breed of mental defective to join our asylum.

He now even has his own fancy pants logo on the site to annoy old people and tell schizophrenic people to do bad things:

Other than that, a rather quiet day on the NBA front:

-The Magic had titanic collapse, losing to the Bobcats by 6 after leading in the 3rd quarter by 19. The Porn Moustache and his Magic crew are fast duplicating last year's "start off strong and then completely stop trying" formula from last season.

-The Knicks now have somehow won 3 in a row, beating the Nets tonight with Stephon Marbury out of the lineup. Hold the Stephone, here. It's...almost as if their winning is somehow RELATED to him being gone!...Nahhhhh.

-The Heat lost by...I'll pause for dramatic effect...30 points tonight to the...pausing again to add to the effect...the underachieving Chicago Bulls. Most NBA analysts agree that at this point it's only a matter of time before Pat Riley asphyxiates himself with a handful of his own hair gel.

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Loyd said...

Welcome, G.L.! Bring the pain!