Monday, January 7, 2008

THF Enjoyable Video Of The Day: Dunk Of A Lifetime

Rarely do I watch a video on Youtube and have it stick with me. Youtube, Google Video, Myspace Video...they're all so jam packed of silly junk and morons singing along to asian dance videos that about 98% of the videos on them have become completely useless.

Well, I was very happy to watch a gem one day.

I am a Lithuanian gentleman and enjoy checking out what is up with the national team from time to time. Particularly, I am eternally on the lookout for footage from the greatest basketball game I have ever seen live: the triple overtime Lithuania vs. Croatia game in the 1996 Summer Olympics (Lithuania won, used the game to go on to win the bronze medal, and subsequently became a basketball powerhouse afterwards). Toss in the fact that that team was sponsored by the Grateful Dead and had cool skulls all over their merchandise, and I was in heaven.

Anyhoo, bored and on Youtube, I happened to type in "Lithuanian basketball" to see what would pop up.

What would follow is the video that enters my mind (and will FOREVER enter my mind) whenever anyone mentions "Slam Dunk Contest". Officially THE best dunk of all time.

Paulius Parachomikas (pictured left), in an oldie but a goodie.


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