Thursday, January 17, 2008

Mike Bibby is Still Average

So Mike Bibby came back last night.


Finally there is some sense of normalcy in the NBA.

The only problem is, he played like Scott Howard instead of playing like The Wolf. He ended up with 19 points and 6 boards, which is not bad by any standards, but he turned it over 4 times with no assists. Which for a point guard is the opposite of what you're trying to do see. It doesn't work like that.

Now I'd love to place all the blame on Bibby, but Ron Ron the True Soldier came back last night too. Which is fine, because they need it, but apparently there's a chemistry issue, and they just weren't ready to play together. Bibby said,

"I didn't want the welcome to be like that. We have to get used to playing with each other again and get everybody on the same page."

Which is funny to me, because Kevin Martin (Sacramento's Lord and Savior) had a very Steve Urkelesque 39 points in his comeback, and I didn't hear any complaints about chemistry and time to get everybody on the same page and blah blah blah omg i'mgonnadie wahhhhhhhhh.

So maybe the issue isn't your team Mr. Living Canvas, maybe it's you....


Jobu's Rum said...

He may still be average, but as long as he is still teaching me to shoot and get goofy tattoos via the Magic Johnson Fundamentals of Basketball DVD's, all is still right with the world. Miles Simon sure as hell can't say that.

Anonymous said...

Tight article!!

Anonymous said...

Welcome G.L., nice blog!