Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Acquiring Curry And Randolph And Then Dumping Them Was All Part Of The Master Plan

As we all know, it wouldn't be a trade deadline if Isiah Thomas wasn't involved.

After the world sat in silent wonder at the fact that the Knicks were actually not doing anything moronic near the trade deadline, Isiah Thomas finally gave into temptation. After all, he has a reputation to live up to.

Apparently, according to several league executives, the Knicks are desperately trying to unload Zach Randolph and Eddy Curry, arguably two of the biggest free agent moves under Isiah's tenure. So far, despite the incredible temptation to have a sex offender and a center that is allergic to rebounding, the phones have not been ringing.

On a larger scale, shopping Curry and Randolph puts Isiah's imaginary "foundation" theory into serious jeopardy. For those of you not familiar with this hilarious theory, you should know that whenever Isiah is anywhere near a microphone he mentions that the current roster is part of a larger master plan. In his eyes, it is only a matter of time before the foundation he has laid with the Knicks roster gels and they skyrocket to success. Let's take a brief moment and look at a live aerial view of how this foundation is doing:

The best/worst part of the story? Guess who once again is "off limits". Yep, who else but David Lee?! He is perpetually the guy the Knicks refuse to mention in trade talks, yet he almost never gets a shot to be in the starting lineup. David Lee's time on the Knicks is like watching an episode of Prison Break, but way more depressing since there is absolutely no way he will ever escape.

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